We do Articles Now?

We do Articles Now?


Last season, our second, was an important year for us as a podcast and as a West Ham platform. It brought some incredible interviews and guests, and the season preview hosted three of the top West Ham content providers. We had @ExWHUemployee of the “West Ham Way”, Kris Gonzo of “Hammers Chat” and Sean Whetstone of “Moore than Just a Podcast” as stellar guests to kick off the season. We also had the pleasure of speaking with Arlo White of NBC Sports and former Premier League referee Bobby Madley. 

Where does the podcast go from here?

We have a core group of loyal listeners who constantly interact with us on social media. Brawley and I thank you all sincerely every episode because as we say consistently, we will do this if it is fun for us. Whether it is 700 listeners, 50,000 listeners or just Brawley’s dad listening, we will do it. We consistently draw around 800-1,000 listeners a week. We’re happy there, but we love our product and want to share our opinions and experiences with as many people as possible. 

Changes for the upcoming season

Articles? I will admit, I’m not the best writer. Which is why my good friend Clay will be editing for me. So, if this stuff reads well, thank him. Anyway, we need to try and tap into new spaces to gather new listeners and keep entertaining our current listeners. Our revamped website will now feature fun articles from some fans, opposition previews from myself and some history pieces from a friend of the pod. 

Staying up to date

We will continue to update the website with current pods, featured guests from this season and previous seasons, and finally the score ticker at the bottom. These features will continue to provide West Ham-related info about the podcast and the team.


The 92

Finally, the newest portion of the site which is still under construction. What on earth is The 92? There are 92 teams in the top four divisions of English professional football. Visiting all 92 grounds is considered a badge of honor. This is not an easy feat. You have to fight through promotion/relegation, teams demolishing their grounds similar to our beloved West Ham United, and the time to reach all of them in one lifetime. This section of the site will allow you to track the progress of myself and Brawley and read interesting stories about our visits to grounds up and down the United Kingdom.

Thank You

Thank you again to all of our passionate listeners who interact with us and support the podcast. We don’t make any money and it’s time consuming, but I can say it has been worth every penny and second spent. I’ve gained many friends who have reached out through the pod and Brawley and I look forward to a great season alongside you all. 


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Turn those 3 into 4 and those 4 into … Oops too late!

Turn those 3 into 4 and those 4 into … Oops too late!