Turn those 3 into 4 and those 4 into … Oops too late!

Turn those 3 into 4 and those 4 into … Oops too late!

Firstly, may a say I felt honoured to be asked by Tony to write regularly for this website.

I've listened to his and Brawley's podcasts since they started. Firstly out of curiosity but then a growing enjoyment of listening to two American dudes waxing lyrical about a football club thousands of miles away from where they live, but a club we all love deeply. 

I never really looked at how lucky I was to be born & live so close to the ground that I was able to attend regularly from being a child to nowadays. 

Looking back to over 40 years of watching West Ham, Nigel aged 6 I doubt would never have ever dreamed he would have genuine friends from around the world all down to supporting West Ham. 

I count two of my best football friends, to be from your side of the pond. Funny story is the first I knew of Dave, my mate from New York, he beat me to fan of the year award on Moore Than Just a podcast. A decision possibly influenced by my at that time, distrust you could say of Fans from the far lands as I used to call them. I believe Sean who helped run the podcast deliberately gave it to Dave from New York to wind me up. Allied to that, Dave then gets the gig of writing match reports on a website. I mean, come on, How can someone thousands of miles away manage that. 

Quite easily it seems, for I wasn’t aware at that time every premier league game was beamed into your homes. I was too wrapped up in attending games, as it was so easy for me to do so. 

I can still remember getting know Dave, and his best friend John and being amazed at their “How they became a hammer” story. They weren’t part of the Green Street movie generation, no, they pre-dated that. The early 1990s they met a bloke in New York who got them into Soccer, and this frustratingly poor and yet sometimes great team. They did so when games were not shown on TV, so Saturday mornings in New York they would trawl bars trying to see if A the game was on Tv, B if not, could they get an audio feed. Failing that they just waited for the score to come in over the radio wherever their expedition had finished. 

It for me was a sort of epiphany, their dedication to west ham in a way, surpassed mine.

As for me, going to games was easy. While they ran around New York, I was walking the 10-minute walk to the ground. 

I still love to hear how people from nowhere near where I grew up, come to love the club that played for where I grew up. I never really had a choice, a family of West Ham fans I was born into it. 

My brief from Tony is to cover the History of the club, I'm a keen historian of the birth of the club and hope over the coming season to bring you the stories of those that from 1895 and the Ironworks, through the true birth of West Ham in 1900, up to recent modern history. I hope I can entertain you as well. 

Where can I start, well I did think about starting with the beginning but actually, more fitting, I thought I’d start with the Great American West Ham Podcast theme tune.

I'll hold my hand up, I'm no Rap lover. I can take some of Run DMC, maybe even some of Public Enemy, but not much. A Robs song when I first heard it made me ………, well ill let you all guess what I thought. As a pedantic arsehole, I can be though, I feel the need today to point out the historical inaccuracies in that song, that I have now grown to enjoy… Just.

The start of the song is ok, but he then raps, “We got us 3 cups mate, I know its not too late, well turn that 3 into 4 then that 4 into 8”  Well A Rob my old china, (cockney rhyming slang there folks), we turned that 3 into 4 back in 1980 when we last won the FA Cup.

Yes, we have won the FA cup 3 times, but we also won a major European trophy back in 1965. On winning that we turned 1 into 2, with 1975s cup win turning 2 into 3. Pedantic yes, I admit, but when you are a lover of history, you pedantic about it.

That’s not A Robs only historical failing.

Later in the song, he raps “scoring 100 plus goals like Paolo Di Canio”.

Tut tut. Paolo never scored 100 plus goals, in fact, he got nowhere near 100, he actually got just 51 in total. 

Now, these are small petty historical mistakes, but if A Rob could just rewrite those parts, I’ll gladly sing along with it. 

Please folks 

Don’t take above too harshly, its just my attempt to introduce myself to you, and my sense of humour. I look forward though, to educating you all in the glorious and not so glorious past, and introduce you to people I believe are just as important to the club as those the club to choose to celebrate.



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